Fall Back to a Stretching Routine

The doctors at Foot and Ankle Centers of North Houston work with everyone, from experienced athletes to people new to exercising. While there are many tips to share, our patients can forget about another important recommendation: stretching. Stretching, in addition to choosing the right shoes, has many benefits. We’re sharing three reasons today, and we hope they help you avoid a surprise trip to the podiatrist.


Stretching prepares your body for a workout by helping your muscles, joints, and to loosen up. This loosening is one of the best ways to prevent an injury. A common reason for an injury is not allowing your body the time it needs to warm up for the workout. To avoid discomfort after a workout, set aside time to stretch, too. Cool down to help your body relax.


To get the best workout, it pays off to start slowly. A pre-workout routine is one of the suggestions we share with our patients. The pre-workout time helps to set your body up as it prepares to increase in intensity. Unfortunately, many people jump into high-intensity and high-impact exercises without giving their body what it needs. Slow and steady is the way to go.


Of course, stretching helps prepare your body physically, and it can also help with your mental and emotional health. Stretching can reduce stress and anxiety. If you’re having a tough day, a few moments of dedicated relaxation time can make a difference in your day. While having a great workout is a win, living a healthy lifestyle in all parts of your life matters, too.

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